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A rise in claims and higher building costs means home insurance prices are likely to go up this year. We explain how to reduce premiums without compromising cover.

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What is Insurance Definition Types and Benefits
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Longford is the most expensive county in Ireland for car insurance, with motorists there forking out an average of €783 on a policy. Longford and Louth are the only counties where comprehensive ... A rise in claims and higher building costs means home insurance prices are likely to go up this year. We explain how to reduce premiums without compromising cover. Getting it right would mean paying a higher medical insurance or not Where possible, try and circumvent the 'price equals quality' myth. It will help with managing the next insurance premium. Image ... A man who said he would always do whatever was needed of him in order to support his family turned to fraud when they hit “rock bottom” and found themselves living out of their cars. Heino Albert ... Global re/insurer AIG has achieved record underwriting profitability within its General Insurance (GI) division for the full year 2022 to $2 billion, ... After months of speculation, Truist Financial has agreed to sell 20% of its insurance brokerage subsidiary to the private-equity firm Stone Point Capital for $1.95 billion. The deal was touted as a ... A West Midlands-based commercial insurance broker has been acquired by Global Risk Partners (GRP), a Brown & Brown company, in its fifth acquisition so far this year. With the government's move to tax high-value insurance policies, insurers will need to work on their product mix, sell more policies and sell them harder in the new fiscal year, to keep topline and ma ...

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