Elon Musk beats about Amazon, stating that its resources have dedicated its resources to hinder the Starlink satellite mission

Elon Musk beats about Amazon, stating that its resources have dedicated its resources to hinder the Starlink satellite mission

The two wealthiest people on Earth are battling out over the development of mega satellite constellations by their companies intended for internet connectivity. SpaceX‘s chief executive Elon Musk tweeted that the Federal Communications Commission should allow the company to develop some of its Starlink satellites below the initial position for efficiency.

Amazon, which Jeff Bezos led, came to thwart this request stating that it would affect the operations of the satellites being developed as planned by the other companies. Musk replied that it was not right to deter his company from allowing Amazon to build its satellite system. He explained that the company is still far from operationalizing the satellite system that it is worried about while its company can make it happen.

On the other hand, Amazon answered that they had been given the mandate to develop the Kuiper System, and it would be unprofessional of SpaceX to start interfering with their plans.  The company explained that the SpaceX plans would make space a dangerous zone and impede the radio frequencies that are serving the other satellite customers. Amazon’s spokesperson stated that competition is good but not where it would cripple the surrounding and affect the other players in the industry. Initially, Starlink was to operate above the orbit that the other companies are working to minimize frequency problems after establishing a 12000-satellite system for internet connectivity. The company realized that the connectivity might not be as robust as it hoped for and is now making new demands without considering the regulations that the FCC had outlined.

SpaceX decided to launch these remarks after seeing that Amazon is developing its satellite internet project called the Kuiper satellite system. The company intends to build and launch 3236 internet satellites into the low-Earth orbit offering competition to the Starlink satellite constellation of SpaceX. The company also surpassed the hardware regulations that will inform the development of antennas to facilitate satellite connections. However, the company is still channeling together the resources to initiate this project, a move that SpaceX is ready to capitalize on in case the FCC agrees to its request. The company is preparing to invest over $10 billion to meet the requirements of the project without straining.

The bone of contention here is SpaceX’s request to lower its satellites to a low altitude which puts it at an advantage over the other companies providing similar services. The SpaceX director, Goldman, stated that Amazon had held numerous meetings to deter SpaceX from making this move instead of focusing on the development of its systems on time.