IRIDIUM CEO Matt Desch joined the 2021 Wash100 team for Satellite and Maritime Communication Services Leadership

IRIDIUM CEO Matt Desch joined the 2021 Wash100 team for Satellite and Maritime Communication Services Leadership

On 2021, February 10, Executive Mosaic is happy to introduce Matt Desch, the CEO of Iridium Communications as an inductee of the 2021 Wash100 edition. The main reason for this recognition is his contribution to the satellite and maritime communication industry. He governed the Company through its launch of the broadband Service Upgrade. This satellite is cloud-based and offers the internet to ensure the maritime emergency response system works at its best. This award is Desch’s seventh consecutive Wash100 acknowledgment.

Under his stewardship, the Company could complete a $3 billion constellation with 66 operational satellites. The satellites are in the low-earth orbit whose primary goal is to support commercial customers in the planet and the Government. In an interview with Bloomberg, before the new year of 2020, Desch went ahead to talk about the brand’s network. Matt highlighted how the new brand network was coming in handy when it comes to their operations.

Last year, he went ahead to launch an upgraded Certus broadband Services that are available commercially. The new product offered L-band connectivity with a running speed of 704 kilobits every second from his statement. In early 2020, Matt gave details about the Company’s recent upgrade, Certus. He talked about how the class of devices was a big help and the product’s potential for assisting the satellite world. Their main objective was resolved around satellites under personal communicators, autonomous systems, and remote sensors.

Before the interview, the International mobile Satellite Organization cleared up Iridium’s global issues regarding safety. Desch went ahead to express their excitement following the Maritime Industry’s recognition of their network and potential. The Company even has the right to extend the GMDSS project to a robust system that can serve the world.

GMDSS was to go to work by December 11, 2020, and offer rescue services to seafarers and real-time emergency response. The worldwide satellite operator formed a partnership in 2020 to advance the space domain’s national security interests. It was a partnership with Amazon Web Services. As part of the deal, Iridium helped create the CloudConnect Service, which uses an AWS Cloud Infrastructure satellite. The main gaol for this mission was to achieve 80% of coverage in disadvantaged areas. In mid-2020, Iridium made a deal with Relativity Space to launch some of the Company’s satellites.

Besides his work in both the public and private sector, Iridium put up his history and journey to inspire the next generation. The Company held an online museum to encourage young people to take up courses in the commercial space industry. When it comes to financial achievements, Matt reported revenue of $151.5 million which is more than the 2019 statement by 5%