CAPANET Communication and G&S Satcom partnership aiming at rebuilding the satellite software industry

CAPANET Communication and G&S Satcom partnership aiming at rebuilding the satellite software industry

The internet has been dealing with different reactions after a recent CAPANET Communications and G&S Satcom partnership announcement. Both companies claim that this collaboration is a mission to reshape the satellite software industry. Experts claim that the technology partnership is strategic and focuses on bringing new network management, operations and performance to the satellite service providers. The two companies are satellite network operations. The two companies’ experiences include innovation to improve the efficiency and the general network performance in the satellite software industry.

With the competitive pressure around the satellite industry, the satellite connectivity prices keep reducing, which is a disadvantage for the network providers. In regards to the matter, many satellite service providers are looking for tools to optimize their networks, resulting in low business costs.

It is no secret that the satellite industry has been working with software systems that are impossible to integrate over the years. These facts make it difficult to correlate data when it comes to the operational and financial management teams. The Capanet Ops Suite working with the G&S SatConnect platform, is a satellite software solution. It combines satellite operation tools and directly blends with many satellite communication systems. This feature allows the management team to view the network performance and the workflow of the operation teams. In addition to that, this program includes a data warehousing system that allows precise reporting and historical analysis. These features will help companies to provide full visibility of the network and the network costs.

This solution is the ultimate choice for the satellite software industry, where different companies deal with cost issues. On the other hand, G&S SatCom focuses on providing multi-network software. It includes automated provisioning of terminals intending to enhance and facilitate satellite network management system. Not to mention, it includes a comprehensive customer portal. It also focuses on a unique design and workflow that bases its data on the users’ routine. The latter features are to maintain a stable structure and enhance the usability of the software.

These tools enable the software satellite providers to manage the customers and monitor data usage. All these new features will speed up the work operations and make management easy. In an interview, David Schmitz, the CEO of G&S, stated that the collaboration is a golden chance for the two companies and the industry in general. He went ahead to explain how exciting the coming months will be with the new venture. Zafar Khan, CEO of Capanet Communications, also expressed his excitement regarding the partnership and the project in general.