Satellites hold power to change the world

Satellites hold power to change the world

After the space industry’s birth, many things have changed, and the power humans have over the planet they live on increased. However, satellites play a massive role in every space evolution and upgrade. In a recent report, we learn about Mike Horn’s journey, an international explorer in partnership with Speedcast for connectivity in the 2021 Dakar Rally 2021.

Satellite connectivity doesn’t necessarily assist in the continuity of individuals and businesses, but it’s a journey to a better future. As Mike travels worldwide in daring exploits, he takes these chances to impact society and how the globe views climate change and its impact on the environment.

In his latest challenge, the 2021 Dakar Rally, Mike’s main aim was to impact people in the motorsports industry and influence them to change the way they participate in races. The final goal is to develop a hydrogen-fueled car that will participate in the race two years from now. With this, it can be clear to motorsports; it is possible to race sustainably, and giving renewable energy-powered cars a chance doesn’t mean anything less. However, for Mike to achieve the change he aims to bring, it is vital to have the connectivity necessary to keep his followers updated in real-time.

Mike Horn often dares to go fast; in his exploits, you will see him traversing under extreme climates, including the K2 Mountain and the Arctic, as he tries to involve a discussion about the environment. However, the latest venture didn’t only give him a great experience, but it made him feel like he is a part of something beyond him. With his partner, Cyril Despres, they had the chance to travel more than 7,000 km with a speed of 250km/hr in an open desert.

Throughout the experience, the two were certain to collect the necessary data for the all-hydrogen car. With assistance from a team of experts, the automobile transformed into a portable lab installed with sensors. However, the big challenge came with sharing the data with people globally in a remote area. Satellite connectivity can deliver reliable, high-quality and support the mission by maintaining critical communications to share real-time data.

Working with Speedcast technology takes the mission to a higher possibility of a win. It is a tech that can deal with extreme weather conditions and help in emergency services. Satellite connectivity is changing lives since it is essential for travelers, and for Mike’s mission, it is pivotal to his goal. Maintaining stable communications with the world with challenging environmental conditions is a dream come true. The Dakar Rally race owes satellite connectivity since it has pushed communication globally to become sustainable.