Ingeteam PV inverters manufacturer contribution to the Australian solar power supply now stands above 2 GW

Ingeteam PV inverters manufacturer contribution to the Australian solar power supply now stands above 2 GW

Ingeteam is and deserves to be proud of its achievements in 2020. It has been part of the Australian market since 2013. As a matter of fact, it has been one of the largest PV inverters in Australia, only falling second to the German SMA. In 2020, it managed to supply not less than 753 MW of its inverters, which is remarkable because the corona global pandemic has been quite a nuisance throughout the year. Some solar PV projects have been set up while others are not yet installed, but the total number will be eight eventually.

Due to the outstanding achievement in 2020, the solar power that Ingeteam supplies in Australia have exceeded 2 GM standing at 2096 MW, to be precise. Some of its beneficiaries include two solar farms in New South Wales, namely Maryvale and Molong, with 160 MW and 39 MW capacities, respectively. According to Ingeteam director in Australia, Juan Miguel Gutierrez, surpassing the       2 GW mark shows how confident customers are with what the company is already offering. He also appreciates the efforts of Ingeteam in delivering services associated with some of the technical requirements across the globe.

As much as Ingeteam is best known for its PV inverters, it specializes in energy conversion and supplies other related services and products. Another benefit is SCADA, which focuses on work commissioning, operation as well as maintenance.  Others include transformer substations, including all the low-voltage and high-voltage equipment and the power plant controller system (PPC). The bottom line is that products and services revolve around protections, controllers, frequency converters, and inverters. Additionally, it also manufactures rotary electric machines such as pump sets, submersible motors, generators, and Indar motors. Its solutions revolve around the electricity grid, rail traction, marine, and metal processing. They also include power generation using fossil fuel, hydro, solar PV, and wind.

Not long ago, the company launched the Ingeteam Service, which is a division is focusing on operation and maintenance in Australia. Following the launch, the division already has the first contract. It entails providing O&M services to two solar PV power plants. Their names remain a mystery, but their power ratings are 75 MW and 85 MW. It is also no secret that the commissioning of the pair took place in December 2017.

Besides Australia, Ingeteam Group also operates in other countries globally. As a matter of fact, it has permanent facilities in about 24 countries which employ over 4,000 people. It still falls after the SMA because while it supplied 753 MW in 2020, SMA supplied around 1.6 GW. However, it is a healthy completion for either party, given their different strengths and weaknesses.

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