GE Renewable Energy in the last stages of processing the US offshore wind energy project deal

GE Renewable Energy in the last stages of processing the US offshore wind energy project deal

GE Renewables Energy will be processing the supply and service deals that will generate 1.1 G.W of ocean wind offshore in New Jersey. The company will provide the Ørsted Ocean Wind project with mega wind turbines called GE’s Haliade-X 12MW, and in cases where it fits, the 13MW type will be installed. This project will be 15 miles away from the southern New Jersey coast.

The chief executive of GE Renewable Energy Offshore Wind Company, John Lavelle, expressed his excitement over their selection to facilitate the development of an offshore wind project in New Jersey. The executive added that they would be collaborating with Ørsted and the Garden State for more long-term projects after this one kicking off. The New Jersey Wind Port will be instrumental in the shaping of the offshore wind energy industry. Companies like GE Renewable Energy will focus on such projects facilitating environmental changes and economic revival. This energy has proved to sustain other places, and that is the hope of New Jersey.

Moreover, GE Renewable Energy’s deal will be running under warranty for the next five years in which it must have started operations. This contract will sustain the operationalization of wind turbines with the help of Ørsted to ensure that it runs efficiently and maintenance and repairs are done timely. The last step for the project becoming legal is to receive the notice of the proceeding and then starting the construction works. When the project becomes operational, it will meet the needs of about 500000 households in New Jersey every year.

This projection would accelerate the development of similar projects by other companies and their affiliate groups to meet industries’ demand. The vice-president and chief executive of Ørsted Offshore Wind Energy Company, Martin Neubert, stated that his company has been partnering with other electricity suppliers and developers to make electricity generated from offshore wind plants affordable by the citizens. One of the strategies that they utilized to achieve this objective is developing new and innovative technologies on the projects.

Neubert explained that the expanding wind energy industry is crucial in accelerating the competitiveness of offshore wind energy. This move would spearhead the elimination of fossil fuel energy, which is the primary cause of global warming. Neubert stated that they hope to partner with GE Renewable Energy to install the advanced wind energy turbines through these projects. In conclusion, all these companies will play their role in the offshore wind energy project, leading to energy production for consumption.