The latest affordable e.Go electric vehicles might be the answer to the Chinese market

The latest affordable e.Go electric vehicles might be the answer to the Chinese market

Whereas BMW is rolling out an expensive battery electric vehicle, the European car fanatics think that these models may not be cut for their budget. However, Germany has rethought this problem through e. Go Mobile and deploy a group of small electric vehicles within the budget range of the common people.

The price for one of these is $24000 after taxes have been deducted. This model might be an eye-catcher for the average earners across Europe. Europe is readily transitioning to electric vehicles, as seen by the electric vehicle manufacturers’ efforts to make models that suit all groups. On the other hand, China has dipped even further, with models going for $12000.

Elsewhere, the price of the electric BMW i4 that was deployed on Wednesday is $70000 after taxes. The sales of the new e.Go model will be initiated in Germany beginning mid this year. Aachen, a Germany e.Go plans to manufacture 90000 vehicles before 2027 in five of its plants spurred in Greece, China, Germany, Mexico, and Thailand.

The chairperson of Next. e.GO Mobile SE, Guenther Schuh stated that Europe’s sales would 20000 units in the United States and another 20000 from the Mexican plant. The chairperson added that all the production facilities would employ similar production techniques and designs to ensure that all the markets are tested with the same product. This move will enable the company to evaluate the adjustment and research that should be done to capitalize on these markets.

Schuh explained that the product structure of each factory could accommodate the production of 20000 units. Moreover, the principles of production can be imitated in other regions where the consumers desire the product. Reports revealed that the company was planning to utilize Volkswagen’s basic electric car engineering to develop variants in this line.

However, Schuh renounced these claims stating that they want to develop something unique for the market. The executive added that their desire has always been to develop their platform to roll out the new electric modules. The car batteries include 24, 28, or 32 kWh with a mileage range of 200 kilometers. Since electric cars are going to characterize the global market, then e.Go will be offering cheap models for the market to distinguish itself from the other companies. Schuh emphasized that they decided to make their production peculiar to ensure that they have a design that lasts for more than five decades.