Source Renewables plans on restructuring the Marilla Street Landfill to accommodate Community Solar Projects

Source Renewables plans on restructuring the Marilla Street Landfill to accommodate Community Solar Projects

Source Renewables, which is renowned for developing community solar and clean energy infrastructure in New York, revealed plans to establish two solar community projects on the Marilla Street Landfill in South Buffalo.

These projects will launch new employment opportunities for the people in the area, create revenue for the city and unlock the savings that would have gone down the drain when Buffalo residents depend on the electricity from the grid. The company rolled out the proposals for the City of Buffalo to restructure the Marilla Street Landfill property to provide solar energy from the solar farm. The potential of these projects is 5MW and will meet the needs of more than 2600 homes on an annual basis.

Andrew Day, who is part of the Source Renewables projects, stated that they are happy to offer clean energy that will inspire the Marilla Street Landfill to become a community solar garden meeting the demands of the South Buffalo community. He added that the investment in South Buffalo rejuvenates the economy and mitigates environmental problems. These projects will ensure that the idle labor in this area starts benefiting the state while unleashing the tax revenues from the state.

The Marilla Street Landfill is under the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). This area was initially a disposal site for steel production operations by the Republic Steel Company. Source Renewables acquired the permit to develop these projects and will put the land into the most appropriate use compared to its previous purpose. The residents will also enjoy reduced electricity bills than when they depended on electricity from fossil fuels.

The development of the infrastructure by Source Renewables comes after the company secured a contract with Distributed Solar Development (DSD). This company procured a three-project plan that will generate 17MW through the community solar portfolio and will be making it operational later on this year.

If these projects take off and prove within the first year that they can deliver on the energy objectives, then Source Renewables would prove its purpose as a vertically integrated renewable energy firm dedicated to developing solar energy communities in New York. Additionally, the company stated that it hopes to meet the retail energy supply through these projects while minimizing costs in the industry. These projects will help New York to become a region that other states can emulate when it comes to mitigating climate change problems through renewable energy goals.